, as your Portfolio Manager, offers their clients an ongoing consultative relationship that extends way past the purchase of an investment property.

As well as researching the best investment real estate from all around Australia, our clients enjoy;

  • Unbiased, Australia wide property selection and property investment advice.
  • A NO COST, personal Property Investment Plan.
  • A Cash-flow Strategy that shows you how to build a multiple property portfolio.
  • Pay a fair price for your investment property (inclusive of our Portfolio Management Fees) and always get an independent property valuation.
  • Our Portfolio Management Fees are 100% tax deductible.
  • All costs are fully disclosed – where any Selling Commissions paid to are REBATED TO YOU.

Property investment with us is about straight talking, realistic goals and giving you a simple strategy that leads to your lifestyle of choice.

With your strategy set, we help you achieve it, every step of the way.

Located in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane MYPORTFOLIO’s property investment consultants offer advice to investors throughout Australia


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